WE COVER THE 4 Cs – Civil, Company, Conveyancing, Criminal & more particularly

  • Banking And Credit Facility Claims – Preparation and registering of mortgages, pledges, guarantees, deeds of subordination, and handling of banking and credit facility matters.
  • Building And Construction Disputes – handing of building, renovation disputes and mediation
  • Commercial And Contractual Disputes – handing of disputes involving all commercial and contractual matters
  • Criminal Law – handling from traffic summons, corruption, illegal money lending offences to capital offences such as drug trafficking and murders.
  • Tortious Claims – personal injuries, nuisance, negligence, defamation suits and other tortious matters
  • Wills, Trust, Estate And Probate Matters – preparation of wills, advice on formation of trusts, and handling of all probate and estate matters.
  • Family And Matrimonial Matters – All matters pertaining to the Family and Juvenile Courts.
  • Employment Disputes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Company, Shareholder And Partnership Disputes – include the forming of company, business and drawing up of shareholders and partnership agreements
  • Motor Accident And Industrial Accident Claims
  • Landlord And Tenant Matters
  • Real Estate And Conveyancing Works – buying selling of all real properties; collective sales, developer’s licences
  • Mediation

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